The Impact Of Critical Parenting On Adult Life

What are Some of the Common Impacts of Critical Parenting?Our childhoods can massively impact the adults we become, and in some cases, can lead to mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One style of parenting that can have a negative impact on people in their later lives in Clearwater is critical parenting. We’ll look closer at critical parenting and the effects it can have on adult life.

What is Critical Parenting?
Critical parenting involves parenting that is critical and harsh in style. When a parent or caregiver is more likely to offer criticism or belittle a child than praise them or offer encouragement, it often leads to a critical parenting style. Parents who look after their children in this way are often obsessed with their own appearance or image and driven to achieve success – though they may not put in as much effort themselves as they expect from their children. They value obedience from a child above emotional nurture and development.

What are Some of the Common Impacts of Critical Parenting?
If you are wondering if you’ve been impacted by critical parenting in your childhood and if it may have led to conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, there are some common signs that may indicate you have experienced this. Many people may not associate these common signs with a history of critical parenting, and parents who raise their children in this way might not realize the potential negative impacts either.

  • Tendencies to strive for perfectionism in later life: This can impact work life, family life, and other relationships as people strive for perfectionism that cannot always be achieved. They may become frustrated, self-loathing, and self-sabotaging when they cannot achieve their impossible or near-impossible goals.
  • Increased risk of developing mental health conditions: Children who are raised by critical parents have an increased risk of developing mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Critical parenting can be a cause of post-traumatic stress disorder, especially when people have experienced this alongside other forms of abuse.
  • Harsh critics of themselves: Harshly judging yourself and other people is often an effect of critical parenting. People develop a harsh inner critic that judges themselves harshly as well as others around them. This can negatively impact relationships with people who might feel heavily criticized or judged.

What are the Patterns in Adult Behavior?
If you think critical parenting could be a PTSD cause or the reason for other mental health struggles, it can help to know as much as possible about the signs and symptoms. The more you understand the patterns that appear as an adult, the easier it can become to seek the help you need.

  • Overthinking: This is a common pattern that manifests among people who were raised under the watchful eye of a critical parent. They may have the tendency to overthink or catastrophize a situation, such as a disagreement between friends or partners.
  • Feel inadequate: Feelings of inadequacy can arise when a person has been brought up surrounded by criticisms and judgment. They may start to believe that any problem must be the result of something that is wrong with them. It can also lead people to seek constant validation from partners, friends, and relatives.
  • Struggles with asking for help: When a person is raised in a critical environment, they may learn that praise comes from getting everything right. This can make it challenging to ask for help and admit vulnerabilities or weaknesses in later life, such as in a job or classroom setting.

Finding Help with Mental Health Struggles
Overcoming deep-rooted problems takes time and patience, and the right support can help you to go a long way on this journey. Whether you’re struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or anxiety, you can find help in Clearwater, FL, at Advantage Mental Health Center.

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