Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Professional counseling is essential to help patients change negative thought patterns and behaviors. Our highly trained counselors help you learn skills to cope with triggers, stressors, relationships, and life changes. Counseling can be used in combination with medication or on its own, depending on your unique situation. We’ll assess your needs and provide you with a treatment plan that includes how frequently we think you need to be seen.

FAQs About Counseling

What is counseling all about?

Counseling helps individuals, families, and groups with their diverse needs and challenges as it pertains to their overall mental health. Counseling can focus on a wide range of needs including addiction, mental illnesses, and more. Professional counselors are protective of their patient’s privacy and supportive of their needs and desire to seek help. Counselors provide a safe place for patients and their families to discuss traumas, setbacks, triggers, and struggles that are often related to dealing with all types of mental illness.

What should I expect from a counseling session with Advantage?

At Advantage Mental Health Center, we provide a safe, empathic, and confidential environment to assist you in coping with life’s greatest challenges. We specialize in working with mental health issues, trauma, relationship difficulties, alcoholism, addictions, and recovery issues.
We use several therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral, strengths-based and dialectical behavioral techniques. Our mission is to provide quality mental health services so you feel comfortable to heal, improve, and change what you can through psychotherapy. Each client has unique needs, and therefore treatment will be tailored to meet those needs. Sessions are specific, detailed, and structured.

How do I find a counselor or therapist that understands my needs?

Advantage Mental Health has counselors on staff that specialize in a wide range of specialties. If you’re feeling disconnected from your loved ones because of trauma, suffering from an addiction, or are concerned about your overall mental health, contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule an evaluation with one of our trained therapists.

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