Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see children and teens?

Yes! We have a board certified child psychiatrist who completed a child psychiatry fellowship, and a psychiatric ARNP who can see teens. Our child psychiatrist is available on Mondays and Saturdays, and our ARNP is available during the week. Learn more.

I’m worried about my teenager. She seems moody, withdrawn, and is not doing that well in school.

She may be suffering from anxiety, depression, or just feeling overwhelmed. Therapy – and medication when necessary – allows teens to gain greater insight into the way they think, act and react. It helps them set goals and provides impartial accountability – which often relieves stress at home. It gives them tools to help them develop into a mature, thoughtful adult. We have a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is able to develop a unique rapport with teens, opening up the lines of communication so often lacking in this age group. Teens report feeling “relieved” after discussing their issues with her…and they willingly come back to share their thoughts and feelings, and find ways to deal with the issues in their lives.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

When a person decides to seek help for a mental health issue, he/she wants to be seen as soon as possible. Because of our mix of providers and their availability on Saturdays, we can see 90% of all patients in a week or less. Same day appointments may be available (schedule permitting). Saturday appointments mean no missed school for children/teens!

Can I book online?

Yes! Fill out the appointment request form here. We’ll then contact you to confirm your appointment and send you the patient forms via email to fill out prior to your visit.

What is my first visit like?

Each new patient is seen for an hour and has ample time to convey their issues to a caring, professional provider. We do not overbook our medical professionals. There is minimal wait time and patients do not feel rushed.

I’ve heard your psychiatrist ARNP has experience dealing with postpartum depression. I’d like to come see her but I don’t have anyone to leave my baby or other child with.

We are a family-friendly office and welcome your new baby and his/her siblings. We have private waiting rooms with TVs and toys to occupy children. Learn more.

What are your offices like?

We are located in a serene, peaceful space. Confidentiality and privacy are of the utmost concern, so private waiting rooms (with TVs) are available.

I don’t want anyone to know I’m seeking help for a mental health issue.

Advantage Mental Health offers a confidential opportunity to seek treatment for your mental health or addiction issues. Treatment records are not shared with third party payers or other care providers unless the patient expressly requests—in writing—that we do so. Professional office space, private waiting rooms with minimal wait time, and the strictest of confidentiality are part of our service.


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