Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come in person?

We offer virtual appointments (it’s easy – you just click on the link we send you). For new patient appointments, we may need to see you in-person for the first time. Please call us and we can discuss.

What kind of medication do you prescribe?

We prescribe a wide variety of psychiatric medications (including injectable medication). We can prescribe controlled substances if appropriate for the patient. We start with the lowest dose possible to minimize side effects and dependence.

How much is a visit?

The first visit is $295 and follow ups are $160. We accept credit cards, cash or checks. We offer discounts if you are referred by a therapist or need a one-time evaluation. Keep in mind, we do not accept insurance but will give you a “super bill” that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

How often do I need to be seen?

If you are stable on your medication regimen and there are no new medications prescribed or there are no issues, you can be seen every three months. There are times when we need to see patients more frequently (like if we start a new medication, have to make major dose changes, or if you are on certain regulated medications) but our goal is always to get you back to the three month intervals.

Can I get accommodations for school/testing, FMLA, short term disability or emotional support animal letters?

We will gladly fill out that type of paperwork for you at no extra charge. Quick turn around time too!

I don’t know what I need – medication? Therapy? Where do I start?

We suggest you come in for a full psychiatric evaluation and we can provide guidance as to your next steps.

What ages to you see?

We see patients 12 to 112!

I’m embarrassed and hesitant to tell my story.

Our providers are here to help – not to judge. They are caring professionals who will listen to your story and help you find a path to a more content life.

Can I submit an invoice for reimbursement to my insurance company?

Yes! Many plans offer reimbursement options. We will give you a “super bill” that has all the codes you need to submit to your insurance company. You pay us at the time of the visit and get reimbursed directly. You can also submit the invoice, and it may count toward your deductible. The only exception is Medicare. We do not provide super bills for those with Medicare since they generally do not reimburse for out-of-network services.

What is the cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours to cancel an appointment without incurring a fee. We understand that issues come up and we are very accommodating, so we may be able to waive the fee under certain circumstances.

What kind of insurance do you take?

We are a self pay office so we can spend quality time with our patients and not have our treatment plan or time frames dictated by insurance companies. We offer new patients 90 minutes, and every follow-up is 30 minutes long. We are a boutique practice so we offer lots of extras, but we are self pay. We will give you a super bill so you can submit for reimbursement to your insurance company.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

We can often see patients the same week. The fastest way to check our availability is to give us a call at 727-600-8093. In person and virtual appointments available!

Can I book online?

Yes! Fill out the appointment request form here. We’ll then contact you to confirm your appointment and send you the patient forms via email to fill out prior to your visit.

What is my first visit like?

Each new patient is seen for over an hour and has ample time to convey their issues to a caring, professional provider. We do not overbook our medical professionals. There is minimal wait time and patients do not feel rushed.

What are your offices like?

We are located in a serene, peaceful space. Confidentiality and privacy are of the utmost concern, so we have private waiting rooms and offer coffee, tea, water and snacks. We want you to be comfortable.

I don’t want anyone to know I’m seeking help for a mental health issue.

We offer a confidential opportunity to seek treatment for your mental health or addiction issues. Treatment records are not shared with third party payers or other care providers unless you expressly request—in writing—that we do so. Professional office space, private waiting rooms with minimal wait time, and the strictest of confidentiality are part of our service.