Understanding Mental Health Impacts Of Technology

In many ways, technology has greatly advanced humanity and has brought significant changes to our daily lives. Among these is the creation of smartphones and other gadgets that allow us to find out information at our fingertips and connect with people all over the world at any moment. However, as we embrace and explore technology, including artificial intelligence, it is critical to look at the potential negative impacts. These include the impacts on mental health, which can affect people of all ages in Clearwater.

What are Some of the Mental Health Impacts of Using Technology?
Some studies have shown that the rates of depression and anxiety increase among people who spend more time on social media. There are many reasons for this, including peer pressure and ‘fake’ lifestyles, which are being shared all the time. More people are exposed to this because of social media, and extensive use of these platforms could increase the risk of depression and anxiety among users.

As well as the content that people are exposed to on social media, technology and overuse of smartphones and other gadgets often takes people away from other beneficial activities. Instead of going inside for a walk, people may choose to stay indoors and watch something on the TV or scroll through their social media feeds. An absence of these beneficial activities can impact health and well-being and increase the chances of developing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Technology can also impact our sleep, which is an essential part of health and well-being. People may stay awake late at night, scrolling on their phones, video calling with friends, or watching a TV series. Using technology late at night can impact your sleep quality and, over time, lead to health problems due to a lack of sleep or good quality sleep.

What are Some of the Steps to Reduce the Negative Impacts of Technology on Mental Health?
Luckily, there are preventative steps that you can take to reduce the negative impacts that technology can have on mental health and conditions like depression and anxiety.

Firstly, understanding your own use of technology is a critical step. When you understand how you are using technology and how it is impacting you personally, you can take more effective steps to improve this. For some people, tracking the way they feel and writing it down can be helpful in the short and long term to figure out what is impacting them.

Secondly, it is important to reduce your use of technology if you feel like you are overusing your smartphone and other devices, and it is affecting your mental health negatively. You may wish to reduce the amount of time you spend looking at social media or watching TV, or perhaps there are specific movies, TV shows, or social media accounts that you feel are having a negative impact on your mental health.

Finally, finding support among other people can help you to deal with the challenges of mental health and discuss some of the common concerns of today that have come with technology, such as artificial intelligence or the spread of misinformation. You can speak to trusted friends and relatives or seek professional support from mental health centers and therapists in Clearwater.

Looking for Mental Health Support?
Technology comes with many benefits for society, but it can bring its challenges too. If you are struggling with depression and anxiety and just want to find support and talk about things with a qualified professional, you can find different therapies and options with the team at Advantage Mental Health Center in Clearwater.

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