How Exercise Could Help To Improve Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety

Physical exercise is one of the things which can help to improve the symptoms of common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Even if you’re not suffering from these conditions, in the long term exercise can help to lift your mood when you’re feeling down.

There are many health benefits of exercise, which is why doctors and health professionals recommend it time and time again for a wide range of concerns. Exercise can help to reduce the risk of heart problems, strokes, arthritis, and mental health conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of exercise and how this could help you if you are struggling with depression or anxiety in Pinellas, Hillsborough, or Pasco County.

Exercise Can Take Your Mind Off Other Things
Exercising can take your mind off the worries of the day, even if it’s only temporarily. This means that you can feel less stressed during the time that you are exercising, helping to reduce your overall stress levels and feel more relaxed. Doing something different can help you to refocus your mind for a while, and this can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Exercise Releases Hormones That Make You Feel Good
When you exercise, your body releases endorphins – hormones that make you feel good. Endorphins are just one of the hormones which release ‘feel-good’ chemicals into your body and brain, enhancing your sense of wellbeing and combatting the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Other activities which release endorphins include eating and making love.

Exercise Can Boost Your Self-Esteem
One of the underlying causes of depression and anxiety is a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. Regular exercise can help you to feel better about yourself, including by helping you to feel more productive. Exercise may also help you to become more toned, fit, and healthy – thus improving your sense of wellbeing and promoting good physical and mental health.

Exercise Can Connect You to Others
Exercise can provide the perfect opportunity to connect with other people. When we connect with others on a social level, this can help us to feel less alone and more in touch with the people around us. Even if you go out to exercise alone, you may interact with people in your community who are also going out to exercise. Your local community center or community groups may have organized exercise sessions and classes that you can join.

Staying Motivated to Exercise
It can be challenging to stay motivated and be consistent when it comes to exercise. There are several things you may want to consider in order to help stay on track.

  • Choose an exercise you enjoy – It’s important to choose an exercise that you enjoy rather than an exercise that other people tell you to do. This varies for each person – one person may love going for a walk every day while somebody else may enjoy weight training or yoga.
  • Find a friend – Finding a friend to exercise within Pinellas, Pasco or Hillsborough County can be a useful step toward keeping on track and staying motivated, especially when you are struggling with depression and anxiety.
  • Keep a diary – Maintaining a personal exercise diary can enable you to track your progress, challenges, and any changes you notice while exercising.

Finding Support with Depression and Anxiety
If you’re suffering from depression and anxiety and feel that you need some support in Pinellas County, you can contact Advantage Mental Health Center for help. You will find professional support from qualified mental health specialists who have experience working with people suffering from the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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