How To Avoid Relapsing On Alcohol And Drugs

Addiction is more common than many people may realize, and it’s important to find the right type of support if you’re experiencing difficulties. Addiction to drugs and alcohol may be the result of many different things, including tragedy and loss, traumatic experiences, and poor mental health. People in Clearwater who are looking for addiction treatment can explore the options available to them and consider how different strategies and lifestyle changes could help them to avoid relapsing on drugs and alcohol.

Here are some tips that could help to avoid a relapse into alcohol and drugs.

  • Keep Busy
    When you’re bored, isolated, or sad, the desire to take drugs or drink alcohol is likely to be more severe. Keeping yourself busy can help to reduce the likelihood of relapsing on drugs and alcohol. Staying occupied with hobbies and activities, such as exercise, movies, and hanging out with friends, can help you to keep your mind away from drugs and alcohol. It can also support your mental health more generally and help you to feel heard, understood, and connected to other people.
  • Avoid Triggers
    Try to identify the triggers that may lead to relapse. Once you have this information, it is easier to identify potentially difficult situations and avoid them. For example, if you spend time around other people who take drugs and alcohol frequently, try spending less time with them or letting them know about your desire to quit and avoid relapse. Avoid going to situations where they may serve alcohol or where there are other temptations to indulge in drugs and other substances.
  • Find the Right Support
    Getting the right support can help you to avoid relapsing in the future. When you have the right form of addiction treatment that works for you, it is easier to make progress and move forward in the right direction. The right approach often looks different for everyone, so it’s important to find what works for you. For some people, talking to a trusted therapist can be invaluable, while other people prefer to engage in peer-to-peer support groups with those who have been through a similar experience with addiction.
  • Speak to Your Doctor
    If you want to find addiction treatment and get additional support to avoid relapsing on drugs and alcohol, speak to your doctor or another trusted healthcare professional. While they might not be able to offer all the solutions straight away, they will be able to advise on the options available to you. This may include therapy or medication, and you can choose whether you want to try these possible solutions or not.
  • Enlist the Support of Loved Ones
    Any difficult experience can be less challenging with the support of your loved ones. Enlist the help of friends and relatives who care about you and will listen in a non-judgmental way to your concerns and worries. Being able to lean on people who care about you can help you to feel supported at all levels and less likely to relapse in the future. It can be difficult to talk to other people about problems with addiction, and many people rely on a small group of close and trusted friends rather than a larger group of people who are less close.

Getting the Support You Need
If you want to find addiction treatment or support for your mental health in Clearwater, FL, you can visit Advantage Mental Health Center. Whether you’re struggling with addiction, relapse on drugs and alcohol, or another form of mental health condition, you can find the support you need here.

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