Ways That Could Help You To Overcome Crippling Anxiety

Living with anxiety isn’t easy, and it can affect your life in multiple ways. Anxiety can come and go – you may go through periods where it feels more intense while other times you feel relieved from it for a while. There are various types of anxiety too, including social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder. It is estimated that around 40 million people in the US alone live with anxiety, and the true number is likely to be far higher. It’s an issue that affects people in every corner, from Tampa Bay to New York.

If you’re struggling with crippling anxiety and you’re looking to find ways to help overcome this, here are some of the ways that might help you to make progress in this area. Not all of these suggestions will work for everyone struggling with anxiety, but some people might find them useful or find inspiration for other methods that might work for you.

Change the Way You Think About Anxiety

For people who have experienced and understand the difficulties that come with anxiety, it’s challenging to think of it as anything except something which is negative. However, anxiety can actually be helpful in some circumstances, such as when you’re driving a vehicle or preparing to make a speech. Anxiety and nervousness can make us work harder, prepare better, or stay more alert in potentially dangerous situations.

Reframing anxiety in your mind as something which can be helpful can start to shift the way you think about anxiety. This doesn’t mean that it will instantly help you or even be useful as a longer-term strategy, but some people find that it can be a helpful tool in living with anxiety. The more you learn about anxiety and the ways it affects you personally, the more you can look out for potential triggers, signs, and symptoms.

Speak About It

Keeping things to yourself can be the best way forward in some situations, but it’s not always the most helpful approach to take especially when it comes to mental health. If you’re struggling with anxiety, speaking to somebody can really help you to start overcoming it and dealing with it in a more positive way. You can speak to a trusted friend or family member, or consider seeing a professional counselor or therapist. There are various forms of therapy that could help with anxiety, including cognitive-behavioral therapy which is one of the most common forms of treatment.

Many people find that speaking about their experiences and feelings of anxiety can help them to take steps to overcome anxiety. It can be a long process that takes time, but as long as you’re making progress in the right direction, this could be a strategy that works for you in overcoming your anxiety.


Like many activities, meditation is something that takes time and practice in order to master. Those who are new to meditation might find it very difficult at first to sit still and focus on their breathing, but over time it can become easier and help to slow down your thoughts and movements. Play some gentle and relaxing music in the background to help you calm down while meditating. Explore guided meditation classes or online meditation sessions which can guide you to learn some of the best methods and techniques, particularly for anxiety.

Get the Help You Need

If you’re suffering from anxiety and the symptoms that come with it, you don’t have to struggle alone. You can find help in Tampa Bay from Advantage Mental Health Center, which offers support with anxiety and other mental health problems.

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