How Does Music Affect Our Emotions, Anxiety and Depression?


You may have heard the old expression, “music soothes the savage beast.” What is the meaning of that? It could mean that music can greatly affect and regulate our behaviors, moods, and emotions. Have you ever felt anxious and found that turning on soft or pleasant music relaxes you? Upbeat music might make you suddenly …

How To Start Reducing Your Stress And Anxiety Today


Throughout the world today the rate of anxiety and suicide has grown exponentially. This is due to the pandemic, increased use of social media, and economic stress – what some are calling “the perfect mental health storm.” Although we can’t change what’s happened already, we can make improvements for the future of our mental health. …

5 Useful Ways To Respond To Anxiety


Anxiety is an emotional response that’s oriented in the future. It’s a response to a perceived threat. When you think that something bad will happen that you won’t be able to cope with, you’ll become aroused inside, encouraged to protect yourself. When you struggle with this difficult emotion you become good at distancing yourself from …