Phone Separation Anxiety And Treatment

Phone Separation Anxiety And TreatmentThere is no denying the fact that smartphones have made a profound impact on everyone’s lives. But have things reached a stage that you cannot leave your room without looking at your mobile phone and picking it up? If so, you may have developed phone separation anxiety also known as PSA. It is also called as nomophobia shortened from no mobile. It is a fear of being away from your cell phone. The anxiety levels are increases by not having the mobile phone at hand or not being able to charge or answer it straight away.

Effects of Phone Separation Anxiety

PSA will take its toll on the mobile user’s mental health. It also affects your social life and impacts the various relationships impairing your capability to communicate with others in the real world. Here are some negative effects of PSA on your life,

  • Raised stress levels: The constant alerts in the cell phone can raise your stress levels. The continuous vibrations and sounds from the smartphone can result in yourself feeling on the edge. It prevents you from focusing properly on other assignments and leaves you feeling stressed.
  • Poorer sleep quality: There was a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. It found out that the excessive use of cell phones will result in sleep disturbances, depression, and raised stress levels in both women and men. This is typical to the youngsters.
  • Social isolation: People suffering from nomophobia daily will find it tough to be active socially. It is difficult both mentally and physically to take part in social activities.
  • Relationship issues: Excessive phone use may also have a detrimental effect on your relationships and conversations. The University of Essex conducted a study that indicated that mobile phones can harm even close relationships. For instance, when two people are talking face to face, if one of the two participants in checking the phone continuously, it will cause negative feelings to rise for the other who is trying to communicate. This is especially true if the other person is trying to communicate something significant.
  • Eye strain and the risk of infection: Constant touching and looking at the cell phone will in reality expose you to the bacteria on the mobile phone. This can also lead to eye issues as you are straining your eyes to check the small screen as well.


Well, the good news is that phone separation anxiety can be treated. In most cases, this can be achieved quickly and easily even by yourself. However, you may take help from your family and friends. If you can acknowledge the fact that you are suffering from PSA just switching off the instrument notifications or the machine itself for short periods can help you relieve stress and anxiety. When you can constantly practice these habits you will discover that staying away from the phone will become gradually easier.

There is no need to embrace technology and constantly adapt to the modern world we are living in. But, if you have to, significantly, you do not end up suffering in the process of adapting to newer conditions or lose the sense of self by becoming completely reliant on technology. When you have developed the PSA symptoms it is a good idea to talk to a doctor.

When the phone separation anxiety is disrupting your mental health and just switching off the mobile phone is not doing the trick the first thing to do is call the doctor. Recovering from anxiety-related disorders is not impossible. You can always consult the professionals at Advantage Mental Health Center for getting help from professionals.

Picture Credit: Pexels