Simple Ways Of Stress Management

Anxiety and stress are some of the most common problems experienced by many people. 70% of the adult population in the U.S. is experiencing anxiety and stress in their day-to-day lives. Here are some simple ways of stress management.

1. Exercise: One of the most common things to do to fight against stress is exercise. This may sound a bit contradictory however, placing physical stress on the body via exercise will help in relieving mental stress. The stress management advantages achieved through exercise are beneficial when you exercise regularly. People that exercise regularly are less inclined to suffer from anxiety than those who do not exercise. Let’s consider the reasons behind it. Physical activity lowers the volume of stress hormones in the body such as cortisol. It also aids in releasing endorphins that are chemicals that improve the mood and they act as natural painkillers. It also improves sleep quality that is negatively affected by anxiety and stress. Exercise also results in raised confidence levels. You feel more competent and in coherence with your body. This helps in promoting mental wellbeing. Physical activities such as jogging and walking are predominantly stress-relieving for the human body.

2. Write Things Down: One other way of stress management is by writing things down. When you are recording the things you are stressed about it happens to be a good idea to also record what you are grateful about. This gratitude is also helpful in relieving anxiety and stress by concentrating on what is positive in your life.

3. Spend Some Time with Family and Friends: The mental and social support from family and friends can help you get through difficult times. If you are a part of a network of friends it provides a sense of belonging and self-esteem which will help to guide you through difficult times. One survey found out that in the case of women if they spend time with children and friends, it releases oxytocin which is a natural stress reliever. It is called tend and befriend and is the exact opposite of fight or flight kind of response. Both men and women benefit from companionship. People with lesser social connections are more likely to fall into the trap of anxiety and depression.

4. Say No Wherever Necessary: Agreed, not all stresses, and stressors are within your control however, some of them are. Get control over the various areas of your life that need a change and are in the need of stress management. One of the ways of doing this is learning to say No whenever necessary. It is especially true when you find yourself taking in more than you can chew so to speak. Juggling through many responsibilities can leave you feeling exhausted. You must learn to be selective about the responsibilities you take on and say no to things that will add to your workload. This can lead to better stress management.

5. Try and Avoid procrastination: There is another effective way of stress management and that is to stay on top of the priorities and keep away from procrastination. Procrastination can force you to act reactively and will leave you scrambling to catch up. It can cause stress and affects health negatively and decreases sleep quality. Get yourself in the habit of preparing a to-do list. Organize this list according to priority and opt for realistic deadlines, and then work yourself down this list. Work on things that need to be done every day and provide yourself lots of uninterrupted time to switch between the tasks.


Even though anxiety and stress can arise in your personal life and workplace there are several easy ways of decreasing the pressure levels you feel. Along with these tips that will take your mind away from the stress source, being mindful, listening to music, and physical intimacy can lead to relieving stress. They are also responsible for improving the overall balance of your life. You can also take advantage of the services of professionals available at The Advantage Mental Health Center. These professionals have the necessary tools that can stop you from suffering even today. Therefore, do not allow others to invalidate your feelings and get professional help if you need it.

Picture Credit: Unsplash