How Does Music Affect Our Emotions, Anxiety and Depression?


You may have heard the old expression, “music soothes the savage beast.” What is the meaning of that? It could mean that music can greatly affect and regulate our behaviors, moods, and emotions. Have you ever felt anxious and found that turning on soft or pleasant music relaxes you? Upbeat music might make you suddenly …

Why Young Adults Are Vulnerable To Mental Health Crises


The pandemic has recently spotlighted children’s mental health, especially those who are unable to be in the classroom. One study looked at high school students and discovered that approximately one-third were suffering from depression. A CDC report showed that in youth between the ages of 18-24 there has been a sharp increase in suicide ideation. …

You Can Change Your Life For The Better During The COVID Crisis


There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has rocked our society to its core. From remain in place orders to wearing masks in public to the shutdown of entire states, the change has been unprecedented. However, that also means you could make unprecedented change for yourself. The lockdown orders across the country have forced …