Your Mental Health And This Holiday Season

When you look at the studies that have been done in regards to mental health you’ll find a lot that has looked at the positive impacts of gratitude. What you won’t find are a lot of studies regarding the impact of whimsy on a person.

According to Merriam-Webster, whimsy has to do with being fanciful. It’s enough to spark a joyful pause. This is something that children do well but that adults need to practice more of.

Although whimsy may seem silly, it’s this silliness that makes it so powerful. There are several reasons that whimsy has a positive impact on your mental health today.

Whimsy and Gratitude go Hand-in-Hand

Gratitude is such an important thing to have in our lives. Numerous studies show that gratitude plays a major role in recovery. Whimsy is a great tool to help you remember the importance of gratitude. Having just gone through Thanksgiving (a.k.a. the gratitude holiday) in a pandemic we probably didn’t get to enjoy it quite the way we’d wanted to. This is where a healthy dose of whimsy will help us move on with life.

Whimsy Helps us Celebrate the Now

So much has changed due to Covid 19 and this is all taking a huge toll on our mental health. One thing that most parents can probably relate to is remote learning. While many days go well, there are others when this can leave everyone (including the adults in the household) nearing a mental breakdown.

When you feel like your world has come crashing in upon you, ask for a sign that your higher power is still there beside you. It can be as simple as asking for something like a red bird. It doesn’t have to be a huge sign nor does it have to be a long sign. The mere fact that you receive the sign should be enough whimsy to help you feel better, to help you celebrate the present moment instead of focusing so much on what’s going wrong. This can be great for your mental health.

Look Around, Whimsy is Everywhere

Whimsy isn’t something you can fit into a neat little box. What it is to you may be something completely different to someone else. You may have symbols of things around you that are completely meaningless to everyone else except for you. That is Okay.

You can find tangible treasures that are whimsical to you. Someone else may find a song or the memory of a conversation they had with someone whimsical to them. This is because everyone tunes into whimsy differently. It’s something that’s highly personal and helps us celebrate our unique self.

Whimsy is Humorous

Humor isn’t only good for your soul, it’s also good for your mental health. It’s about finding simple things to remind you of the joy that’s found in this world – yes, even as we find ourselves going through this pandemic. For some people, this may mean collecting artwork that reminds them of simpler times, times when things like Covid 19 didn’t make for such craziness. For other people, it will mean something different like a playlist of their favorite songs that bring back great memories to them. The point lies in finding and rediscovering the whimsy whenever and wherever it may be. Remember, there’s no motive behind whimsy and yet it helps us with healing.

Celebrating whimsy is great for your mental health but if you still find yourself struggling, reach out to Advantage Mental Health Center in Clearwater, and Tampa Bay area, FL for the help you need today.

Picture Credit: Pexels