Solving The Issue Of Anxiety

There are multiple factors that affect a person’s perception of chronic pain, regardless of its source. This is because your brain is quickly inundated with bad feelings that time embeds and magnifies. Eventually this raises your stress hormones, causing you to feel anxious.

Many people don’t realize that anxiety is a neurochemical physiological issue, not a psychological one. This is a feeling that’s meant to be unpleasant so you’ll be compelled to take some action to lower these hormones in your body. With chronic pain, this is difficult so when you’re unable to lower the hormones, your body will secrete even more of them to try to solve the problem. This obviously doesn’t work. Instead, it’ll cause even more havoc to your physical and mental health.

You Can’t fix Your own Pain

Your body is like a complex circuit board with many circuits that are etched into it, representing everything that’s happened to you throughout your lifetime. This is something you can’t change for several reasons, including:

  • They’re etched into your memory and become second nature to you.
  • Spending time trying to analyze and figure these things out is counterproductive because the more attention you pay to them, the more you’re reinforcing them.
  • Your unconscious brain is so powerful it can process 11 million bits of information per second while your conscious brain only processes 40 per second. This means that rational interventions can’t make a dent here.
  • Anxiety plays an important role in keeping you alive (e.g. makes you breathe).

Solving Your Pain

Now that you see that you can’t fix your own pain, you’re left wondering what you can do. Instead of trying to fix it, you must learn new strategies to create new circuits in your brain. Most of these have to do with changing the way your unconscious brain utilizes your senses while it’s busy calming your nervous system. For this to work you’ll need to take many small steps to create new channels that your brain will start using instead of using the ones that cause anxiety.

Most people can quickly separate themselves from their pain circuits. Even if it takes you a while to do this, you should persist because almost everyone will eventually succeed here. Furthermore, when you let go of trying to solve an unchangeable situation, you’ll receive the energy you need so you can move towards a solution. The only real obstacle to your healing here is your unwillingness to let go and move forward – whether you’re doing this consciously or unconsciously. This is because pain and anger are both powerful weapons.

What Happens When You’re Crippled by Pain Early in Your Life

Sometimes people in their mid-twenties find themselves struggling with physical issues that cause them to live their lives with great anxiety. When this happens, people are tempted to go visit endless doctors to try to get some help. Unfortunately, this is usually ends unsuccessfully after every possible treatment has been attempted. Instead of allowing this to make you feel despondent, hard as it may be, you should remain open to new ideas like the Neurophysiologic Disorder (NPD) treatment principles.

This treatment modality helps you understand that you’re wasting your time by trying to solve neurological issues that are unsolvable. Instead, it’s important to engage in things like expressive writing and spend time getting more sleep. Once you’ve done this for a few weeks, you’ll find that you’re feeling better – something that will help you thrive for years to come.


Healing isn’t complicated, especially when you have the professionals at the Advantage Mental Health Center on your side. They have the tools you need to help stop your suffering today. So, stop letting others invalidate your feelings and get the help you need today.

Picture Credit: Pixabay