Should Psychiatric Providers Prescribe Exercise?

Psychiatric providers may prescribe medications, however, the latest research suggests that they should also prescribe exercise.

Why Psychiatrists Should Recommend Exercise to Their Patients

Research suggests that there are 5 reasons why exercise should be prescribed to patients who have mental health issues.

Exercise Can Treat Depression

Exercise, in conjunction with medication or cognitive-behavioral therapy, can help treat depression.

Depression Causes Cardiovascular Health Issues

Depression can damage your cardiovascular health. Exercise can help keep you “heart-healthy”.

Depression Causes Patients to Withdraw From Life

People who suffer from depression and anxiety often “disengage from life”. Exercise can make a person feel better about themselves/their lives which can lead them to become more motivated, productive, and set goals all of which will help them re-engage in their lives.

Exercise Can Give You Back the Energy Depression Took Away From You

Although fatigue and exhaustion can be part of depression and anxiety, exercise can improve a person’s energy level.

Exercise Reduces Isolation

If you exercise with other people it can help reduce isolation. This is important because when someone who is depressed is isolated their depression can become worse.

Talk to your psychiatric provider at Advantage Mental Health Center in Clearwater & Tampa Bay, FL about whether they believe exercise can help you manage your depression and anxiety today.

Picture Credit: Pexels