What is a Psychiatric Evaluation?

Much like getting an annual check-up with your general doctor, it is important and necessary, mental health should always be considered important and necessary – because it is. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD or some other symptoms you can’t describe, do not go through another day without seeing a therapist for a psychiatric evaluation. A psychiatric evaluation is key to determining the kind of help you should receive from your counselor.

During an evaluation, a specialist will try to determine the following:

  • Identify biological, psychological, and social factors that may be contributing to your symptoms
  • Diagnose a mental disorder, if present
  • Develop an appropriate treatment plan for the patient

After the psychiatric evaluation, a therapist can determine if the disorder is chemical or behavioral, and what kind of treatment is going to provide the best results. For instance, in some cases, counseling can help a patient deal with a multitude of concerns. On the other hand, a chemical imbalance may be present, which needs to be treated with medication. In many cases, however, a combination of medication and therapy is necessary to treat the disorder – depending on the type and its severity.

Advantage Mental Health Center offers one-hour new patient evaluations with 30-minute follow-ups. Our therapists strongly believe in the importance of a thorough and comprehensive evaluation; therefore, a patient will never be rushed and a disorder will never be prematurely diagnosed. It is critical that all factors are considered before diagnoses are reached and treatment plans are outlined.

Do not waste another moment before scheduling an important psychiatric evaluation. If you feel stressed at work, have repressed childhood memories, are dealing with grief or cannot sleep – contact Advantage Mental Health Center today!

No concern is too large or small. Your mental health is important and should be prioritized.