Depression – Defeating the Social Stigma

Depression - Defeating the Social Stigma“I am so depressed!”

This statement is used so often that we have become desensitized to its seriousness. Every one of us feels sad at times. When we are dealing with the loss of a loved one or common everyday struggles, we can feel overwhelmed, hopeless and alone but sometimes these feelings can become far more consuming.

Clinical Depression Is Crippling

There are a lot of stressful situations in life – job loss, break ups, death, money troubles, and so much more. While most people can move on from these fairly easily, others are not so lucky. Those who suffer from depression may want to remain in their home rather than visiting with loved ones or going out with friends. This can cause worry as they could also be having thoughts of suicide. Determining if you or a loved one is suffering from depression is the first step toward healing and recovery.

We all have feelings of sadness, so it is best that a psychiatric evaluation be administered by a professional.

Ignoring the Signs Can Lead to Prolonged Suffering

Victims of depression will often feel physical pain at varying levels of intensity. In some situations, therapy is the best route to help heal this pain but sometimes medication is needed. Ignoring these needs can lead to extreme pain that could cause the victim to feel like the pain will never end.

Long-term Damage to Relationships

When depressive signs are ignored, victims can fall into a spiral of pain and sadness, which will make them short-fused. This shift in temperament can cause severe damage in relationships with parents, loved ones, and children. If depression is not recognized and understood as an illness, loved ones will become alienated from the victim. This makes getting the help needed even more difficult.

Loss of Work or School

Depression is a handicap that can cause its victims to not want to leave their home. School and work often suffer as a result. When depression is being treated properly, life can move on with a sense of normalcy. Sometimes, a school counselor or a boss may need to be made aware of the situation so that schedule changes or other accommodations can be made.

Risk of Suicide

Depression can convince you that life is hopeless and that you are doomed to be stuck in a state of ongoing suffering. For some, this will lead to suicidal thoughts and these can become consuming in some cases. By ignoring signs of depression, you are risking losing this battle.

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