Taking Care Of Your Emotional Wellbeing During The Coronavirus Pandemic


Although it is normal for people to be concerned about the coronavirus outbreak it is also important to keep in mind that scientific health, medical, and public health experts from around the globe are working hard to keep control of the spread of the virus. They are also trying to find therapeutics for those affected …

Management Of Stress And Anxiety! Causes And Treatment!


Almost everyone experiences anxiety and stress over a while. Stress is the additional demand placed on your body or brain. People feel stressed when multiple demands are placed on them and the feeling gets triggered by events that make you feel nervous or frustrated. Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry or uneasiness. It can …

Solving The Issue Of Anxiety


There are multiple factors that affect a person’s perception of chronic pain, regardless of its source. This is because your brain is quickly inundated with bad feelings that time embeds and magnifies. Eventually this raises your stress hormones, causing you to feel anxious. Many people don’t realize that anxiety is a neurochemical physiological issue, not …