Recovering from Alcohol Addiction a Day at a Time

Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

“Alcohol kills more teenagers than all other drugs combined.”

Recent studies show that thirty-two percent of heavy drinkers over the age of twelve have also used illegal drugs. Loss of control, an overwhelmed mindset, and hopelessness affect the mind of someone who is suffering from alcohol dependency. Addiction does not discriminate against age nor race nor class. Understanding where to seek help for these issues can benefit you now and you will be grateful in the future.

General Support and Treatments

Successful, sustainable recovery from an alcohol addiction requires that mental health issues be addressed and treated as well as the addiction. Advantage Mental Health Center is a trustworthy place to have your mental health needs met and your questions answered. AMHC offers:

  • Professional Staff
  • Flexible Outpatient Schedule
  • Counseling
  • Medically-based treatment

AMHC works one-on-one with individuals to provide a professional, personalized treatment plan that manages your alcohol abuse and mental health requirements. An example treatment plan could include onsite counseling, the unveiling of community resources and medication as prescribed by a physician. One well-known and extremely effective community resource is the 12 step program. Whether or not you attend nightly meetings, if you seriously commit to the 12 steps, your recovery will have a higher success rate.

Medications and Behavioral Therapies

Advantage Mental Health Center offers outpatient medically assisted detoxification treatment. This is a method of enlisting medications to counteract and lessen the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

“Out of 3.9 million Americans who received substance abuse treatment in 2005, 2.5 million were treated for alcohol use.”

Advantage Mental Health Center is a good association to partner with for recovery as their focus is to heal the whole person – not just the surface problem. You deserve to feel better, take the first step and call us today!