Pinellas County and Their Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse

Every 32 hours, Pinellas County loses a member of our community to prescription drug abuse. This means in the next 32 hours, someone will lose their loved one to drug abuse – a parent may lose their child, a child may lose their parent, and someone will lose their friend. Something has to be done. 

Prescription drug abuse is a nationwide problem, with most states and counties looking for ways to help their community work toward solving this epidemic. Pinellas County, FL is looking for ways to help their citizens heal and move forward.

Pinellas County Cracked Down on Pill Mills

In 2012, Pinellas County law enforcement set out to crack down on businesses who were looking to take advantage of people addicted to prescription pain medication. Pill mills were a place that addicts could visit to receive a quick prescription for a pain reliever such as oxycodone or even morphine. Doctors would write prescriptions without learning about a patient’s history or other medications they may be on. Pill mills resulted in thousands of deaths and even more addictions. But, Pinellas County didn’t sit quietly and let these businesses flourish and take advantage of the community. Instead, law enforcement worked tirelessly to close these businesses down and solve the epidemic.

Unfortunately, the pill mill was only a small part of the problem. After they were shut down, new dealers popped up, offering addicts with new drugs that were mixed with more lethal ingredients such as fentanyl or heroin.

Better Treatment and Mental Health

Cracking down on pill mills was a necessary first step toward helping the community get healthy and solve this problem. The second step, which is Pinellas County’s main focus now, is better care including treatment programs and mental health. Resources such as these can do wonders for individuals who feel alone, hopeless and powerless to their own addiction. Advantage Mental Health Center provides treatment for addicts suffering from opioid addiction.

Getting the help needed in order to cut the dependency on opioids cannot be done alone by an addict. If an addict could cure their addiction, they would, but it is often something they are powerless against and need their loved ones to help move them toward getting clean. A supportive team of family and friends can make all the difference.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an opioid addiction, Advantage Mental Health Center is right in your backyard. To learn more about how we help the community seek treatment for opioid addiction, visit our website or call us today.