Signs Of Relapsing And How To Prevent It


When overcoming addiction, there is almost always a risk of relapse. Some studies suggest that 40-60% of people relapse after undergoing treatment or rehabilitation programs for addiction. Furthermore, up to 85% of people are believed to relapse within the first year after having treatment. Like many things, preventative measures can be the key to staying …

Life Is Less Stressful At The Beach: Why People Choose Clearwater Florida


Many are flocking to Florida for a more carefree and less stressful life. The number one reason is the weather. Struggling to get your car started in freezing temperatures to get to work or do some shopping is not just unpleasant, it’s stressful. The winter blues are a real thing so many people choose to …

Can Regular Exercise Help Reduce Stress And Anxiety?


Exercising is often thought of as a way to stay physically healthy. Many people exercise to lose or control weight, increase their heart health, fight off diseases like diabetes, and to improve their appearance. We all accept that exercise is generally good for our physical health but can exercise help with our mental health? If …