What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

Life presents us with some high-level emotional experiences along the journey from birth to adulthood. Trauma can occur if any of these experiences are deeply distressing or disturbing and if there was physical harm present or the threat thereof. It can be difficult to process trauma and move past the negative subconscious feelings associated with… Read more »

Eating Disorder Awareness: What You Need to Know

Nearly 24 million Americans struggle with an eating disorder. Eating disorders are a form of mental illness that causes extreme discord in an individual’s life and can oftentimes be life-threatening. How much do you know about eating disorders and their consequences? An unhealthy relationship with food and one’s own physical body are the defining features… Read more »

A Dual Diagnosis: Depression & Substance Abuse

It’s tough to live with a mental illness without professional guidance, support, and coping techniques to soften the symptoms. Some days are so unbearable that an individual who is suffering may turn to drugs and alcohol, thinking these substances may temporarily ease the pain. When the side effects fade, the individual may feel stuck with… Read more »

Discover Your Self-Worth

Below, we have listed some recommendations for how you can increase self-worth and improve your mental health to help make YOU your first true love - as you should be. 6 Ways to Increase Self-Worth & Improve Your Mental Health Proper Self Care - Self-worth begins at bedtime. Make sure you are getting 8 full… Read more »

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

Have you ever been uncomfortable in a social situation and felt an urgency to seek solitude? This experience is more common than you may expect, affecting approximately 15 million adults across the nation. Living with social anxiety can make simple situations seem overwhelming, causing individuals to pass up job offers, new hobbies, potential relationships and… Read more »