Dealing with Parenting Stress During the Holidays

The holiday season is magical for children but creating that fantasy and joy can actually cause unimaginable stress on parents. With longer breaks from school, large family dinners and gift-giving, it can be a time-consuming and financially difficult time. In order to keep the joy alive for children and family, one or two parents may feel pressure that can destroy the holiday season for them.  At the fore front of your thoughts should also be the concept that quality time and connection can be even more important than gifts. 

In order to avoid this, there are simple tools that one can put into practice to reignite the excitement for the holidays.

Start “Crafty” Traditions

As mentioned previously, children do not need much to be impressed. In fact, make it a tradition to create your own Christmas decorations. You can also encourage your children to make one homemade gift for each family member. At the end of the day, the holidays should be about the time spent together and not about how much money was spent on a gift.

The key to avoiding stress and enjoying oneself during the holiday season is not having unrealistic expectations or goals. There is no amount of holiday cheer that can counteract the stress of crippling debt and giving them emotional support and comfort.

Ask for Help

Prepare for the emotional and relationship changes that holiday and stress can bring.  If the holidays season is a typically difficult one for you, you are not alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real but manageable. Seeking professional help during the holidays can help you cope with the unavoidable stressors that occur. Between work and family obligations, parenting responsibilities, shopping, multiple social gatherings, and financial worries, stress and anxiety, and depression are prevalent.

If you are finding it difficult to parent this holiday season or fear it might occur, contact Advantage Mental Health Center today. Our therapists are equipped to help you get through the holiday season while dealing with parenting stress. Our hope is that everyone can enjoy this season – you and your children!