Using Light Therapy For Depression Treatment


Throughout the fall and winter many people struggle with low moods and motivation. Some people can distinguish these feelings from depression, which is when doctors diagnose it as SAD (seasonal affective disorder). While you may think that the reasons these feelings emerge at this time of the year are mainly psychological (e.g. we’re past the …

The Connection Between Depression And OCD


When you have OCD your mind is full of anxious, dreadful thoughts. While you know they’re irrational, they consume you nevertheless making you feel hopeless. Generally speaking, this mental condition has a lot in common with depression. In fact, oftentimes they’re comorbid conditions. How Your Random Thoughts Differ While both OCD and depression cause negative …

Why You Shouldn’t Believe Every Thought In Your Head


It’s imperative for good mental health that you control your thoughts instead of allowing them to control you. Unfortunately, some people are natural over-thinkers, experts at rumination. This means their mind will gladly grab onto a pessimistic thought, especially when they’re feeling anxious or annoyed. Doing so feels constructive and protective but it’ll drive you …