We treat adults, teens, and geriatric patients. Our staff  is able to develop a unique rapport with teens, opening up the lines of communication so often lacking in this age group.

Individual or family sessions available

Is Your Teen…

  • Worried, stressed, or afraid?
  • Depressed or unusually quiet?
  • Angry, defiant, or aggressive?
  • Shy in a way that interferes with social activities?
  • Using drugs?
  • Exhibiting behavior changes that concern you?
  • Dealing with a family divorce, romantic breakup or death?
  • Not doing well in school? Trouble concentrating?
  • Feel like a failure and unable to cope with expectations?

Therapy – and medication when necessary – allows teens to gain greater insight into the way they think, act and react. It helps them set goals and provides impartial accountability – which often relieves stress at home. It gives them tools to help them develop into a mature, thoughtful adult. Teens report feeling “relieved” after discussing their issues with our ARNP or counselors …and they willingly come back to share their thoughts and feelings, and find ways to deal with the issues in their lives.

and we’re here to help.