Dealing with a Difficult Teenager

Dealing With a Difficult Teenager

“In the next twenty-four hours, 1,439 teens will attempt suicide.”
“In the next twenty-four hours, 15,006 teens will use drugs for the first time.”

Teenagers are beautifully unique, each possessing a different mindset, honing a different skill set and cultivating different goals and dreams for the future. For some, that same glorious, shining future fades into a dismal abyss cloaked by insecurity, anger, doubt and self-medication. This can feel like an unsurmountable challenge for the family and friends of a teenager. The key for parents is to become educated on the signs and symptoms so that they can address any issues early on and seek help.

Signs of a Troubled Teen

Teenagers are known for being rebellious, outspoken and attention-seeking, so how do you, as a parent, know when your teen is in real trouble? Asking the right questions is necessary but can be emotionally taxing, and parent-child communication is not always cut and dry. Simply observing your teen’s behavior and interactions with others can be very informative. Once you suspect your teen is having trouble with depression, mood swings, anger, violence, insecurity, gangs or any other concerning behavior, take immediate action to seek assistance and find a remedy.

Signs include any combination or presentation of the following:

  • escalation of arguments
  • violence at home
  • physical fights
  • skipping school
  • encounters with law enforcement
  • rapid changes in personality
  • falling grades
  • persistent sadness/emotional health
  • alcohol and drug use

Additional factors can play in to the exhibition of common signs of a troubled teen, making this a difficult, but useful, conversation to start up.

Finding a Solution

You don’t have to fight this fear and frustration alone; there are trained professionals at places like Advantage Mental Health Center who can observe and speak with your teen  and create a personalized recovery plan, including counseling and group therapy options to mold treatment to your teen’s specific needs.

Don’t let your teen become a statistic. Advantage Mental Health Center can help you and your teenager through this difficult time. Seek help for your teen and your family today.