How Different Seasons Impact Mental Health


You might notice that the way you feel changes throughout the year, seemingly for no reason. The status of our mental health can often depend on external factors, such as weather conditions in Clearwater or the seasons we’re going through. Colder and wintery weather can often exacerbate symptoms of mental health conditions such as depression …

What Are Some Of The Common Symptoms Of Anxiety?


Anxiety is a common mental health disorder that can have extreme and debilitating effects on people who live with it. The symptoms are varied and wide-ranging, and people may experience them differently. There are some common symptoms that many people struggling with anxiety in Clearwater and Pinellas County will often experience at some point. Here …

How Exercise Could Help To Improve Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety


Physical exercise is one of the things which can help to improve the symptoms of common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Even if you’re not suffering from these conditions, in the long term exercise can help to lift your mood when you’re feeling down. There are many health benefits of exercise, which …