Mental Health Awareness Month

Understanding what life is like for those who suffer from mental illness is top of mind this month as May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Observed in the United States since 1949, the designation was made to raise awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of good mental health for everyone.

This year, there are numerous local and national events, screenings and informational sessions designed specifically to promote greater empathy and understanding of mental health related issues. In addition, May 7-13 has been designated National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. The overall goal of Mental Health Awareness Month in 2017 is to help everyone – adults and children – afflicted by these disorders by fighting the stigma sometimes associated with mental illness, provide support for them, and advocate for equal care in mental health.

It’s estimated that one in five Americans will be affected by a mental health condition in their lifetime, and every American is affected or impacted by these disorders through their friends and family.

Although mental illness is ubiquitous, it’s often discussed using language that is clinical and impersonal. While these terms are necessary and helpful on many levels, they don’t provide an understanding of what mental illness feels like. Doing this is essential to help others understand the true effects on one’s life.

Increasing Awareness & Empathy

This is why mental health awareness advocates are encouraging people to speak out about what it means to live with these issues. The hope is that as more people give voice to what living with mental health issues is like, there will be less stigma and shame associated with the afflictions and more people will come out of the shadows and get the help they need.

Getting the right help for mental health related issues is critical to one’s quality of life because your mental health impacts everything you do. We, at Advantage Mental Health Center, know that seeking help – reaching for that assistance – is the first step to recovery and self-healing with all mental health illnesses and disorders. This is why we offer a variety of ways to receive the help needed to live a quality and productive life. We can assess your current situation and create a treatment plan that works for you.

Anyone can develop a mental health issue – you, a family member, a friend or a coworker. Some mental disorders are mild; others are serious and longer-lasting, but all of them can be diagnosed and effectively treated. The well-being of our patients, their families and their livelihood is our top priority, so we make certain that our recommendations and treatment are specifically designed to provide all of the necessary care.

At Advantage Mental Health Center, we provide a safe, empathetic and confidential environment that will assist you in coping with life’s greatest challenges. We specialize in working with alcoholism, addictions, and recovery issues. Additionally, we work with mental health issues, trauma, and relationship difficulties.

We use several therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral, strengths-based, and dialectical behavioral techniques. Our mission is to provide quality mental health services so you feel comfortable to heal, improve, and change what you can through psychotherapy. Each client has unique needs, and therefore treatment will be tailored to meet those needs. Sessions are specific, detailed, and structured.

Advantage Mental Health has several counselors on staff who are experts in a wide range of specialties. If you’re feeling disconnected from your loved ones because of trauma, suffering from an addiction, or are concerned about your overall mental health, contact Advantage Mental Health Center today to discuss your needs and schedule an evaluation with one of our trained therapists.