Jennifer Cannizzaro, ARNP

blankJennifer Cannizzaro is a psychiatric ARNP with over 10 years of experience treating adults at all levels of care. She has a wealth of experience and specialized training in addiction medicine and seeks to educate and provide psychological and medication-based support to those struggling with addiction. She also has expertise in general mental health issues and can perform comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and see patients for medication management follow up appointments.

Ms. Cannizzaro is well-qualified to prescribe psychiatric medications for the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and a wide variety of other psychiatric conditions. She also specializes in addiction medicine and can prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone).

Jen Cannizzaro has served on the faculty of the University of Scranton as a mental health nursing clinical instructor. She has worked in both in patient and out patient mental health settings. An empathetic and knowledgeable clinician, Jen puts even the most nervous of patients at ease with her calm manner and psychiatric medication expertise.