Christopher Totten, MSN, PMHNP

Tired of feeling anxious, depressed, unhappy? Not feeling like your usual self? Struggling with mental health issues or addiction? I provide compassionate, supportive care to those facing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety, stress, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, mood disorders, ADHD, alcohol issues, opioid dependence, and virtually any other psychiatric issue. I conduct comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and see patients for medication management follow up appointments.

I am a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner who can prescribe the same medication as a physician. I work very closely with our chief medical officer, who is a board certified physician to provide personalized, evidenced-based care to my patients. I know you want to be seen as soon as possible so we have same week and evening appointments.

I work closely with Dr. Rizzo and the Advantage TMS team to provide Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy to our patients. TMS is a medication free treatment for depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mental health issues.

I’ve helped countless patients over the years feel better and get back to living a life they enjoy. I am an empathetic, experienced and knowledgeable clinician.

Christopher Totten, MSN, PMHNP is a graduate of University of Colorado and Graceland University in Missouri. Chris has worked in inpatient, emergency departments, hospital, and outpatient settings. He is retired from military service. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Advantage Mental Health and Advantage TMS teams.