Skills and Coping Workshops

In addition to individual sessions with our licensed mental health counselor or certified addiction professional we offer a variety of the Skills and Training Groups. New clients need an assessment with the facilitator prior to joining. Please contact our office for meeting days and times.

Adolescent Support and Coping

For teens who experience anxiety, worry, stress; are struggling to cope with peers, social situations and expectations; or are unsure of how to handle the ups and downs of teen life. Allows teens to gain greater insight into the way they think, act and react; gives them tools to help develop into a confident, mature, and thoughtful adult.

Parent Support and Coping

For parents of adolescents. Learn how to have a healthy, harmonious relationship with your teen.

Adult Support and Coping

For adults who are facing mental health issues (anxiety, social anxiety, depression, etc.) and strive to move their life forward and attain a level of personal happiness and fulfillment. The support group will help address current and ongoing issues so they are better equipped to deal with them.

Sexual Assault, Abuse and Trauma

For those who have experienced sexual assault or sexual trauma.

Those in Recovery from Substance or Alcohol Use Disorder

Addiction is a brain disease that changes how the brain works. These brain changes can last a long time and can hamper a person’s ability to stay “clean and sober” – even though he/she might have a very strong desire to be drug or alcohol free. Find support, learn coping skills and share with others going through similar challenges with their substance use issues under the direction of a certified addiction professional.

Family of Those in Recovery Support and Coping

A chance for family members (parents, spouses, siblings, etc.) to learn about the disease of addiction and how best to support a loved one who is facing the challenges of substance use issues.