Couples Counseling

Financial worries and stress at work are two of many external factors that can challenge even a healthy relationship. In some cases, these challenges can lead to divorce or separation. Relationships are like a vehicle, and when one or both parts are not functioning in alignment with each other, the connection breaks down and needs repair.

It’s normal to go through ups and downs in your relationship but when it becomes constant fighting and the tension grows, there is a good chance counseling can supply you with the tools necessary to get through the emotional and conceptual blockages that are causing stress on the relationship. It is important to seek help early before the problem gets worse.

Signs Your Relationship May Be in Trouble

Fights escalate, often surrounding the same redundant topics, on which you can never agree

  • More time spent apart than together
  • Focus placed on the kids to avoid facing problems
  • Decreased intimacy and thoughts of having an affair
  • Similar fights that signal thoughts of “here we go again”

Relationships can be extremely enjoyable and fulfilling again if the couple makes some adjustments to the way they spend their shared time, energy and attention.

When considering whether couples counseling is right for you, take into consideration the amount of effort both you and your partner are willing to put forth. Therapy works best when both individuals are actively working toward a shared goal. If you are seeing any of the warning signs above, and think it may be time to seek help, we have professionals here to serve your needs.

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