Our Approach to Addiction

We can help you manage your addiction…through medication based treatment and counseling. There is hope…and we’re here to help.

Medically Based Treatment

Our medical providers use medication and individual therapy sessions to help our patients overcome addiction. We believe the combination of evidence-based medical treatment, counseling, patient education, hard work and commitment to sobriety offers the best possible opportunity for sustainable recovery from addiction.

We Treat the Whole Person

People with addiction issues often have other mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, etc. This is called a co-occurring disorder (also known as dual diagnosis) where substance abuse and mental health issues are present together. To recovery successfully from an addiction, it is crucial to treat the mental health issue(s) as well as the addiction, which is what we do at Advantage Mental Health.


Addiction is a complex condition that involves more than just physical symptoms—it can also affect the way you feel and how you act. To be as effective as possible, the treatment plan should include counseling and behavioral therapy. Counseling is essential to help patients change negative thinking and behaviors attributed to their addiction. With professional counseling, patients learn skills to cope with triggers, stressors, relationships, and life changes—something that no medication alone can provide. We have professional, experienced counselors on staff. You will have access to weekly appointments with a counselor so you have the support you need while you recover.

Outpatient Setting; Flexible Schedule

We understand you have work and family commitments, so we offer evening appointments.

Professional Staff

Advantage Mental Health is owned and managed by a medical doctor who has undergone a specialized residency in psychiatry and he is board-certified. He oversees the medical team of dedicated, highly qualified physicians, advanced nurse practitioners and counselors who work tirelessly and compassionately with our patients.