Medically Assisted Treatment

  What is medically assisted treatment?

blankThere are a variety of medications that help people with the physical side effects of withdrawal and help reduce cravings associated with addictions. These medications can be prescribed by Advantage Mental Health licensed providers.

  Can medication alone cure an addiction?

Medication is an integral part of your addiction recovery program, but we prefer to combine medication with patient education and counseling to promote lasting change. Medication combined with counseling offers a higher chance of recovery. Counseling is essential to addiction treatment and can help patients change negative thinking and behaviors attributed to their drug/alcohol use. With professional counseling, patients learn skills to cope with triggers, stressors, relationships, and life changes—something that no medication alone can provide. We have professional, experienced addiction recovery counselors on staff. You will have access to weekly appointments with a counselor so you have the support you need while you recover.

  How long will treatment take?

As long as you need. Managing an addiction is not simply a matter of “getting clean” or stopping all drug/alcohol use. That’s why ongoing treatment that includes counseling and behavioral therapy is so important. We will work with you to create an individualized plan that will give you the help and support you need.